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This expert has 26 years of experience in regulatory and compliance investigation of federal labor laws. An extensive amount of time was with the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division as a Wage and Hour Compliance Specialist, enforcing federal wage and hour laws through investigative assignments. She analyzed and reviewed employer's financial documents, including time and pay records, as well as provided technical and non-technical assistance to employers so compliance could be achieved. Enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act included minimum wage, overtime, record keeping, and child labor provisions. Currently, this expert is the President and Owner of her own consulting firm, where she specializes in employment law, specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act. She serves as a third party employer representative for labor issues and oversees and monitors payroll for wage and hour compliance, among other duties.

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Location: New Mexico
B.A., University of New Mexico
Former, Wage and Hour Compliance Specialist, US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division
Current, Owner and President, employment law consulting firm

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