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Statistics Expert Witness | California

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This expert is a statistician experienced in data analysis and statistical methods to evaluate field performance of vehicles and consumer products. Her key areas of expertise include; statistical analysis using field data; consumer complaint data analysis; warranty data analysis; claims data analysis; customer contact data analysis; economic valuation; damage assessment; econometric/financial modeling; analyses of large complex data sets; regression analysis and ANOVA; reliability analysis, and more. This expert has been involved in several studies using warranty/customer contact or claims data to predict the number of claims/failures and annual claim/failure rates for various consumer and industrial products.

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Location: California
BS, Mathematics, India
MS, Operations Research/Statistics, George Washington University
50+ Publications
Former, Statistical Consultant, Arthur Young & Company
Former, Senior Operations Researching Analyst, Mathematica Inc.
Former, Principal Managing Scientist, Exponent/Failure Analysis Associates Inc.
Current, President, statistical analysis consulting firm

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