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Insurance marketing underwriting claims Expert Witness | Minnesota

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This expert has extensive experience with insurance. He gained his MBA from Pennsylvania State University, his PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his JD from the University of Minnesota. He served as the deputy commissioner and acting chief counsel for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. He has also served as an insurance consultant to many corporations, state and local governments and was the chair of the finance, real estate, and law department at California Poly University. Currently he is a professor of insurance at a university in Minnesota and an attorney licensed to practice in Minnesota.

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Location: MN
BS, Pennsylvania State University
MBA, Pennsylvania State University
PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison
JD, University of Minnesota & licensed to practice in MN
Certified, Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter
Certified, Chartered Life Underwriter
Certified, Financial Planner
Former, Deputy Commissioner and Acting Chief Counsel, Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Former, Chair of Finance, Real Estate & Law, California Poly University
Former, Special Assistant, Wisconsin Insurance Department
Former, Counsel, Minnesota Association of Life Underwriters
Former, Counsel, Independent Insurance Agents of Minnesota
Current, Professor of Insurance, a MN university

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