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Commercial Mortgage Asset Management Expert Witness | Georgia

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This highly qualified expert has over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate finance industry and his expertise includes real estate asset management, mortgage loan servicing, risk assessment and mitigation and relationship management. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Finance from Georgia State University, this expert went on to be a Contract Administrator at the Federal Asset Disposition Association. He then worked as a Contract Specialist at Resolution Trust Corporation before becoming a Director at Kilburn-Young Asset Management Corp. From there, this expert worked as the Vice President of Portfolio Management at CapMark Services LP, where he was responsible for negotiation of servicing and asset management agreements, determination of scopes of work, deal implementation, oversight of complex borrower requests and managing a staff of real estate and portfolio management professionals. For the most recent 15 years, this expert worked as the Vice President and Head of Servicing at Voya Investment Management, where he was responsible for the servicing, administration, and surveillance of commercial real estate mortgage loan portfolios totaling $12+ billion. Currently, he provides consulting services to the commercial lending industry.

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Location: GA
BBA-Finance, Georgia State University
Former, Contract Administrator, Federal Asset Disposition Association
Former, Contract Specialist, Resolution Trust Corporation
Former, Director, Kilburn-Young Asset Management Corp.
Former, Portfolio Analyst, CapMark Services LP
Former, Real Estate Analyst, CapMark Services LP
Former, Vice President of Portfolio Management, CapMark Services LP
Former, Vice President-Head of Servicing, Voya Investment Management LLC
Current, Consultant to Commercial Mortgage industry

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