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Use of Force, Self-Defense, & Weapons Law Expert Witness | Missouri

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This highly-qualified expert has over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, with a particular focus in use of force, self-defense, and weapons law. He earned both his BA in psychology and his JD from St. Louis University. He has completed several training sessions through the Ultimate Defense Firing Range and Training Center related to firearms and use of force and is a second degree black belt in tae kwon do. He is licensed to practice in 7 states and holds certifications in personal protection inside and outside the home and basic pistol, rifle, and shotgun through the National Rifle Association. This expert is also a federal firearms licensee. Currently, he serves as the founder and principal of a safety consulting firm and the managing partner and a founder of a law firm in Missouri.

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Location: MO
BA, Psychology, St. Louis University
JD, St. Louis University
Certified, Personal Protection Inside the Home, National Rifle Association
Certified, Basic Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun, National Rifle Association
Licensed, Federal Firearms
Current, Founder & Principal, a safety consulting firm in MO
Current, Managing Partner & Founder, a law firm in MO

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