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This expert has been practicing as a social worker for 35 years. She earned her BA and MSW at Tulane University, and completed her PhD in Social Work and Community Planning at Washington University. She then completed her LCSW at the University of Maryland. She has led multiple workshops and trainings on topics relating to social work in the LGBT community, and is a member of several regional Social Workers Associations. She currently serves as a Social Work Trainer and Educator, as well as a Therapist and Consultant at a Private Practice in Virginia.

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Location: VA
BA, Tulane University
MSW, Tulane University
PhD, Social Work and Community Planning, Washington University
LCSW, University of Maryland
Former, Clinical Social Worker, Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland
Former, Director of Counseling Services, The Frost Center
Former, Program Manager, Children, Youth & Family Services
Former, Social Worker, University of Virginia Health System
Former, Program Specialist, Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Former, Aging Texas Well Coordinator, Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Former, Director of Home-Based Services, Beyond Behaviors, Inc.
Former, Adjunct Faculty, George Mason University
Current, Social Work Trainer and Educator
Current, Therapist and Consultant, a Private Practice in Virginia

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