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Snow Removal and Highway Maintenance Expert Witness | Washington

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This expert attended Yakima Valley College and has numerous other college credits in various areas of study associated with transportation and highway maintenance. He has experience and extensive knowledge in Deicer Products, Specifications, Testing and Use, and The Design and Build of Liquid Deicer Manufacturing Systems. He also has experience and knowledge in equipment operations and the management of same. This expert was one of the four Federal Highways Ice Warriors whose duty was to use their expertise on a nationwide basis to assist agencies. He has also published numerous articles on his work. Formerly he with the Washington State Department of Transportation serving in the Maintenance department with experience at many levels ranging from field operations to Headquarters and state wide responsibilities. Currently, this expert consults and does training in his own private practice for both the public and private sector as well as numerous associated industries.

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Location: WA
Yakima Valley College
Anti-Icing and De-icing Technologies
Deicer Products Development, Specifications, Testing and Use
Deicer Products Purchases
Design and Build Custom Liquid Deicer Manufacturing Systems
Specification for the purchase of Deicer Manufacturing Systems Former, Maintenance, Washington State Department of Transportation
FHWA Ice Warrior
Current, Consultant / Trainer Private Practice

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