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Renewable Energy and Solar Expert Witness | Washington

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This expert has nearly two decades of sales experience in the renewable energy space. He earned his BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and his MBA from Willamette University. He holds several certifications from professional development, including LEAN Six Sigma, strategic selling, and contract law certifications. He previously served as the chief operating officer of US Digital, the vice president of sales and marketing for Evergreen International, and as the CEO of SunModo Corporation. During his time at SunModo, this expert was responsible for the overall operations of the company as they related to sales, marketing, supply chain diversity, and industry growth. This expert is currently the president of a development consultancy in Washington.

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Location: WA
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington
MBA, Willamette University
Certified, LEAN Six Sigma
Certified, Strategic Selling
Certified, Total Quality Leadership
Certified, Change Management
Certified, Strategy Mapping
Certified, Contract Law
Former, Senior Account Executive, Siemens
Former, Director, Business Development, Johnson Controls
Former, General Manager, Siemens
Former, Chief Operating Officer, US Digital
Former, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Evergreen International
Former, Vice President General Manager, Strategy Development, CCI Automated Technologies
Former, CEO, SunModo Corporation
Current, President, a development consultancy in WA

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