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Mortgage Expert Witness | Texas

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This expert is a 44+ year veteran of the mortgage industry, has been an owner-operator of three mortgage banking companies, a software company, and several leading consultancies. Additionally, he is a regular guest on FOX Business News and CNBC, and currently hosts his own weekly radio podcast on mortgage lending. He produces a daily one-minute consumer-facing market commentary video that is viewed by millions of Americans each month, and he publishes articles in a number of leading industry publications.

Bio Snapshot

Location: TX
BA, Pacific Lutheran University
Member, Fellowship of Real Estate Executives
Member, Mortgage Bankers Association of America
Member, National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Member, California Mortgage Bankers Association
Member, Texas Association of Mortgage Bankers
Former, CEO, MIRAD Financial Group (a San Diego Mortgage Company)
Former, CEO, Legend Financial Group (a San Diego Mortgage Company)
Former, Executive Vice President, United Lending Group
Former, CEO, Mortgage Banking Services Direct
Former, Managing Partner, a Mortgage Banking Consultancy
Current, Host, a Weekly Internet Radio Program
Current, President, a Mortgage Advisory Group

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