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This expert has a extremely strong background in the chemistry, physics, and design of microwaves. He has over 55 years experience at nearly ever stage of the development life cycle of microwave ovens, as well as industrial microwave processing systems, from research, development and design to product testing. He has held several extremely prestigious microwave related positions including serving for 17 year as the President of the International Microwave Power Institute, the Senior Research Scientist at DCA Food Industries heading the microwave processing team.. He is currently the president of a microwave design and consulting firm where he develops industrial microwave systems for use, and that has consulted for over 200 companies.

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B.S., Columbia University
M.S., Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University
Former, Vice President of Research, Nucleonics Corporation of America
Former, Senior Research Scientist, DCA Food Industries
Former, Partner, Bedrosian and Associates
Current, President of a major microwave consulting and development firm
Author, Over 50 publications regarding microwaves.
Inventor, 26 patents for microwave systems, devices, and processes.
Conference chair for over 20 international microwave conferences.
Expert witness, in well over 35 cases involving microwave ovens and microwave heating including medical malpractice; injuries;
patent infringement; product liability and more, representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

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