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Medical Toxicology & Industrial Chemical Exposure Expert Witness | Texas

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This expert has experience with toxic environmental contamination, industrial chemical exposures and occupational health. this expert is a physician (The Ohio State University), board certified in Occupational Medicine (American Board of Preventive Medicine), who holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Toxicology (University of Cincinnati, Kettering Laboratory). He has served on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati and the New York University Medical Center and joined the faculty of the University of Texas School of Public Health in 1992 in its Environmental Sciences Discipline and Occupational and Environmental Health and Aerospace Medicine Module.
He is Associate Professor of Occupational Health, directs the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program and is a member of the research team for an education and research center. He is a graduate of the Health Educators Fellowship and serves as a member of the Center for Interprofessional Collaboration, Steering Committee. He maintains a clinical practice of occupational medicine and medical toxicology and is a frequent consultant to governments, corporations and the legal community on matters related to industrial chemical exposure, toxicology and environmental justice. His research interests include: environmental and occupational chemical exposures, inhalation injuries, the relationship between metal exposures and cancer, and professional training and learning. As a teacher, he specializes in reducing complex subjects to familiar and recognizable concepts that are accessible to a broadly diverse audience.

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Board Certification - American Board of Preventive Medicine / Occupational Medicine, 1994
MD - The Ohio State University, 1990
PhD - Toxicology - University of Cincinnati, Kettering Laboratory, 1987
Current, Professor, Education and Research Center

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