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Martial Arts Personal Safety Self Defense Expert Witness | California

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This martial arts expert graduated from Nottingham Trent Universitywith a BS in Sports Science, Administration and Coaching and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Applied Sports Science at Indiana University, where he later served on the faculty. He began his martial arts career in England, where he gained rank in Western Kickboxing. During his time with the Indiana University Martial Arts Program he began training Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and received his Hapkido black belt in 2004, while also receiving a Black Belt in Taekwondo in 2006. He also holds Instructor rank in 7 other martial arts systems. He currently serves as the Martial Arts Coordinator for a major university in California.

Bio Snapshot

Location: CA
BS, Sports Science and Coaching, Nottingham Trent University
MS, Applied Sports Science, Indiana University
Former, Head Counselor, Camp Wigwam Summer Camp
Former, Adjunct Instructor of Kinesiology, Indiana University
Former, Program Assistant - Recreational Sports, Indiana University
Former, Sport Clubs Coordinator, Florida Gulf Coast University
Current, Martial Arts Coordinator, a Prominent University in California

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