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Koi Fish Valuation Expert Witness | Wisconsin

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This expert specializes in the raising and selling of koi fish. She is the owner of a Koi farm in the midwest and has held the title for almost 8 years. She earned her BA in Science Communications from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. She has been in the aquatic industry for many years, having served as the President/Owner of Skippers Choice Marine Supply and the VP Marketing and Sales of Lakeside Marina.

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Location: Wisconsin
BA, Science Communications, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Former, Executive Producer, Pulse Communications
Former, President/Owner, Skippers Choice Marine Supply
Former, VP Marketing/Sales Associate, Lakeside Marina
Former, General Manager, Inner Harbor Marina
Former, VP Operations, Evolve Group of Companies
Current, CEO, Water Purification Manufacturer
Current, Owner, Financing Solutions Provider
Current, Owner, Koi Fish Farm

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