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Foster Care and Child Abuse Expert Witness | New York

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This expert has been involved in executive, management, policy-making, and consulting in the field of social welfare since 1980. He earned his master's in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University and also has a J.D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The expert is an honorary fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and an Editorial Board member on several social work journals. He is currently a social work professor in New York City and an active litigation consultant.

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Location: NY
B.A., Oberlin College
M.S.S.A., Social Work, Case Western Reserve University
J.D., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Member, Bar of the United States Supreme Court
Member, Bar of the State of Ohio (inactive)
Member, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
Editorial Board, International Social Work Journal
Editorial Board, Journal of Forensic Social Work
Co-Author, 7 Books & 200+ Articles
Former, Director, Benjamin Rose Institute
Former, Planning Associate for the Commission on Health Concerns, Federation for Community Planning
Former, Adjunct Faculty Member, Case Western Reserve University
Former, Acting Chief Legal Counsel, Ohio Department of Human Services
Former, Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Human Services
Former, Executive Associate & Legal Counsel, Columbus Jewish Federation
Former, Adjunct Faculty Member in the College of Social Work, Ohio State University
Former, Deputy Executive Director, Maryland Department of Human Resources Social Services Administration
Former, Executive Assistant to the Governor for Health and Human Services, Ohio Governor's Office
Former, Administrator of Judicial, Licensing, and Foster Care Services, Ohio Department of Youth Services
Former, Senior Fellow, Office for Foster Care and Adoption, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Current, Tenured Professor in the School of Social Work, a Private Multi-Campus University in New York City

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