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Emergency Medicine and Hospice Expert Witness # E-009563

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This board certified emergency medicine physician earned his BS from Bucknell University and his MD from the University of Buffalo. He completed residency training in emergency medicine at Allegheny General Hospital and has served as an emergency medicine physician at a number of hospitals in the northeast. Currently, this expert is an attending EM physician at a healthcare system in upstate New York.

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Location: New York
BS, Mechanical Engineering/Pre-Med, Bucknell University
MD, University of Buffalo
Residency, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Southern Illinois University
Residency, Emergency Medicine, Allegheny General Hospital
Board Certified: Emergency Medicine
Board Certified: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Former, Emergency Medicine Physician, Craven Regional Medical Center
Former, Staff Physician, Mount Nittany Medical Center
Former, Emergency Medical Associates, Southeastern Regional Medical Center
Former, Owner & Physician, Medical Simplicity
Current, Emergency Medicine Physician, healthcare system in New York

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