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Defamation & Emotional Distress Expert Witness | California

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This expert is the author of two successful books on the topics of slander and libel and has written dozens of scholarly papers in the study of defamation over the past 12+ years. He has counseled 500+ victims of defamation, addressing both their emotional distress and the nuances of defamation law. His clients as a writer and consultant have included Stanford University, Xerox, and McKesson Health. He previously served as a lecturer at UCLA and a columnist, whose works appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Toronto Globe, and the Times of London.

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Location: CA
BS, Technology Management, Pacific University
Author, two books on defamation law, numerous online articles
Former, Marketing Director / Production Manager, Royce Baker Media
Former, Columnist, Tribune Media / Southam Syndicate
Former, Project Manager, Hastings Research
Former, Consulting Senior Web Analyst, IBM
Former, Strategic Marketing Consultant, M-One
Former, Independent Web Analyst
Former, Lecturer, UCLA
Current, Author on slander and libel topics

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