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This highly experienced R&D director holds both an M.S. and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. He started his career as a Senior Research Scientist with Continental Can Company, developing new polymers for ultraviolet curable inks and coatings. After 5 years he joined Rust-Oleum as a Resin Development Group Leader and worked his way up to Technical Director over the course of an 18 year career there. He served as the Chairman of the Product Safety Committee and directed a team of 20-40 professional chemists, engineers, and technicians through various projects, leaving Rust-Oleum with a successful track record of increasing revenues and decreasing costs. This expert then served as the Executive Director of PRA Laboratories, a consortium of 26 paint/coatings and supplier companies, and finally as Vice President of R&D of Roman Adhesives before founding his own independent consultancy. He has held membership in many professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society and the National Association of Corrosion Engineer, and he has numerous patents and technical publications in the fields of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and paint & coatings technology.

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Location: Illinois
B.S., Chemistry, University of Illinois
M.S., Organic Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Loyola University
Member, American Society of Testing Materials
Member, American Society of Quality Control
Former, Senior Research Scientist, Continental Can Company
Former, Manager / Technical Director, Rust-Oleum
Former, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Roosevelt University
Former, Industrial Research Consultant, Northwestern University
Former, Executive Director, Paint Research Associates Laboratories
Former, Vice President of Research & Development, Roman Adhesives
Current, Chemical Consultant and Expert Witness at a major consulting firm

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