Unsecured Truss Causes Worker to Fall and Seriously Injure Himself at Construction Site

Construction injury 1This case involves an accident harming a construction worker because a truss’ rivets were allegedly not secured. The plaintiff worked on a construction site. There were four outside beams that made a square and the plaintiff sat on a truss in between the beams that was not fully secured in place., with unsteady and improperly fitted rivets. A crane went down to the ground in between the four beams and lifted a truss that was frozen into the ground. When that truss was lifted, it expanded the structure causing the plaintiff to fall because. The plaintiff sustained serious injuries.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What is your construction safety background?
  • 2. Are you familiar with procedures during construction of steel structures?
  • 3. Are you familiar with safety / OSHA standards?

Expert Witness Response E-004463

As an architect and engineer, I have been designing for almost 15 years. I have performed architectural design and structural engineering from proposal through to construction for commercial, institutional, healthcare, senior housing, and residential clients. As project architect and project manager, I have directed the cooperative effort of clients, design teams, code officials and contractors from proposal through to construction. Because of my various roles and responsibilities, I am familiar with regulations and procedures for work on a construction site. I am very familiar with all relevant OSHA standards.

Expert Witness Response E-000806

Expert-ID: E-000806

As an OSHA Consultant with construction management experience, I can assess the different rules and procedures on a construction site. The location of the crane, the existence of a personal fall arrest system, and the plaintiff’s reason for being on the truss all factor into the construction safety standards.


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