Neighborhood Residents Develop Neurological Disorders From Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Neurotoxicology ExpertThis case involves multiple residents of a neighborhood that allegedly contracted neurological disorders due to toxic exposure to chemicals. Residents were diagnosed with toxic encephalopathy, schizophrenia, and tremors, among others. The neighborhood in question borders a natural gas power plant. The residents observed changes in their water quality over the course of several months. The running water in their homes had become foamy and grey in color. A soil test detected elevated levels of a number of toxic chemicals and blood tests of some of the affected residents revealed elevated levels of the same chemicals. An expert in neurotoxicology was sought to opine on the link between toxic chemical exposure and neurological disorders.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Are the diagnosed disorders/symptoms consistent with studies involving disorders caused by exposure to the chemicals at issue?
  • 2. What level of exposure to these chemicals would an individual have to sustain to cause these disorders?
  • 3. How could a reasonable quantification of the plaintiffs' sustained exposure be properly estimated?

Expert Witness Response E-013460

I have 40+ years of neurotoxicology research experience in the laboratory and the field. I also have specific experience with petrochemical neurotoxicology. Some of the symptoms described are consistent with studies involving disorders caused by exposure to the chemicals at issue. Acute exposure could account for some disorders, prolonged exposure for others. Exposures are likely to vary substantially but individual estimates could be made. A reasonable quantification of exposure level could possibly be done from deep soil levels where evaporation has yet to occur, but these to prior levels would be a huge challenge.


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