Negligent Rolling Door Installation Causes Permanent Injury

Construction / Garage Door Expert

This case involves a plumber who was called to repair a corroded pipe in a maintenance shed on a commercial property. The plumber attempted to enter the shed but found that the rolling door would not open because the wire cable had become tangled. He attempted to loosen it with one hand while holding up the door with the other. The door was too heavy for him to hold up and came down on his foot. The impact caused a severe injury to the plumber’s foot leaving him permanently disabled and unable to work. It was alleged that the contractor who installed the door used the wrong type of door for the space. An expert in rolling door installation was sought to review the case and determine if there was any negligence in the installation.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background as it relates to rolling door installation.

Expert Witness Response E-045530

I worked for 30 years as a master technician working on rolling doors and automatic openers as well as many other products. I started my own business installing and servicing rolling doors and operators, both residential and commercial, as well as gates and access equipment. I am a sanctioned trainer with a door dealer education association which qualifies me to teach proper door installation to all installers before they take the test to become certified in the field.

Expert Witness Response E-150336

I have been in the door industry since 1982 and my experience in this market is quite extensive. I have been self-employed for 21 years and my company focuses on service, repair, and installation. Over 95% of this work is performed directly with the homeowner or property manager. I served on the board of directors for a door dealer education/accreditation institute for 6 years. This institute is the only internationally recognized source for accrediting companies and certifying technicians. I helped write much of the residential technical content for our standardized training curriculum. I was subsequently voted to the board of the international door association and I have served as a committee chairperson. I frequently speak at conventions and regional trade conferences on this subject.


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