Forensic Imaging Expert Discusses Carbon Fiber Scanning

An experienced archer was severely injured after using a brand of carbon fiber arrows, causing him to sue the manufacturing company for selling an allegedly faulty product. After buying six new carbon fiber arrows, the archer began to test them for balance and accuracy. The third arrow, however, shattered upon release and the tail-end of the arrow punctured the archer’s wrist, causing severe and permanent injuries. During the trial, a scan of the shattered arrow was needed as evidence, and a professional able to conduct a Computer Tomography (CT) scan with 15-20 microns or better resolution was brought in.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have access to a Computerized Tomography scan that is 15-20 microns-or better-resolution?

Expert Witness Response E-104586

I have done numerous CT scans on carbon fiber arrows with resolutions as high as 11 microns, with a machine that is capable of 3 microns resolution, investigating fractures in arrows of various types of composite construction. For a sample of that size, a scan below 10 microns of resolution isn’t likely or required.

Expert Witness Response E-106572

My lab has a CT scanner that can scan at 15-20 microns, and we do these types of scans 10 times per month on average.


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