Economic Damages Experts Evaluate Natural Gas Sale Contract Breach

Natural Gas Expert WitnessThis case involves an alleged breach of contract by a municipality in Colorado. The plaintiff firm had contracted with a city-owned natural gas distribution center. Under the contract, the plaintiff had the ability to purchase a significant amount of natural gas over the next few years, which would then be compressed and sold into the Colorado market as compressed natural gas. It was alleged that the defendant municipality had breached the contract and is no longer willing to sell any natural gas to the plaintiff. An expert was requested to determine the profits that the natural gas company stood to lose as a result of the deal’s collapse.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. How long have you spent working in the natural gas industry, and in what capacities?
  • 2. Please describe your experience performing economic analyses.

Expert Witness Response E-107134

I have been working in the natural gas industry since 1981. I have extensive experience performing cost/benefit analyses of gas system expansions, estimating damages due to breach of a gas marketing agreement, estimating the value of gas storage operations, evaluating potential damages due to alleged manipulation of natural gas prices, and performing analyses of alleged damages under various LNG contracts. I’ve spent 36+ years working in the natural gas and energy industry in areas of operations, market analysis and development, negotiation of gas transportation and sales agreements, gas system expansions, and rate determinations. I have been a company and independent expert witness on state and federal regulatory and civil matters.

Expert Witness Response E-107201

I am a CPA and MBA with over 20 years of experience in performing damages analyses. I have provided deposition and trial testimony in state and Federal courts. I have previously worked on a breach of contract involving natural gas liquids. The work included an accounting of natural gas liquid volumes produced over numerous wells and the value of those products based on spot prices. I have been involved in breach of contract matters involving the production of natural gas liquids, as well as trading and marketing involving natural gas. I have also performed royalty audits related to use of patents in the production of natural gas.


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