Computer Science Expert Reviews Accounting Software Dispute

Arbitration ExpertThis case involves an arbitration matter surrounding an accounting software product. The product in question was produced using SAP ERP software and code in SAP ABAP language. An expert in computer software with familiarity in web dynpro, workflow, ALV reporting, function module, class, and ALE was sought to review the product in question and provide an opinion on its technical functionalities and performance.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have the experience and expertise review SAP ERP add-on software product written in SAP-ABAP coding language?
  • 2. Are you familiar with SAP and the development of computer software particularly in the accounting/billing/finance area?

Expert Witness Response E-030538

I have extesnive experience reviewing SAP ERP add-on software products and am very proficient in SAP-ABAP coding language. I would also be able to opine on technical functionalities and performance. I have done extensive work with SAP’s accounting, billing, and costing areas. I am very familiar with workflow, ALV reporting, function modules, classes, and ALE. I have not heard the term “web dynpro” but typically “dynpro” refers to a custom screen within SAP. I am familiar with dynpros within SAP, and assume a “web dynpro” would build from those. This sounds like a great fit for me, happy to review further.

Expert Witness Response E-030577

I have been involved with a number of SAP add-on products. My suspicion is that this complaint is not just about the functionality of the add-on product. I think that we need to know a bit more about the implementation and intended functionality. It is not common practice for an SAP ABAP developer to go in and read code without knowing first about the implementation. I am very familiar with these types of products in the finance/billing/accounting space, although I suspect we are missing a piece of the puzzle here.


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