Civil Engineering Expert Investigates Construction Project Management

Civil Engineering Expert

This case involves a dispute relating to the construction of an offshore water treatment plant. The project was beset by several delays and defects throughout its construction, resulting in severe costs for investors in the project. It was alleged that the project manager in charge of budgeting and accounting for the operation did not complete significant portions of the project requested through work orders. An expert with a background in civil engineering and accounting was sought to compare invoices against work orders and other documentation to help determine whether work that was invoiced was actually completed.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background in civil engineering.
  • 2. Have you overseen the budgeting/accounting on similar projects? Please explain.
  • 3. How would you determine whether work invoiced was actually completed?

Expert Witness Response E-028465

I have PhD in civil engineering specializing in construction management and I have frequently overseen the budgeting/accounting of similar projects throughout my career. I have worked for a US water district preparing the budget, schedule, and estimates for construction. I was also the project controls director for world bank-funded projects to revitalize water and wastewater facilities abroad. For these projects, I prepared all of the schedules, budgets, and estimates for renovation. As a project controls director, I oversaw $750 million of projects. As a lead scheduler, I was responsible for budgeting and scheduling $50 million of work. I also worked on costing, estimating and scheduling projects from $2 million to $1 billion. I have served as CFO/Finance and Accounting Director for companies with revenue ranging from $6 to $150 million per year. I also have a JD emphasizing contractual work in the construction environment, and multiple years of work experience with various engineering, construction, and technology firms as well as experience teaching construction law. I am able to compare invoices against work orders and other documentation and help determine whether work invoiced was actually completed. I can also compare schedules, estimates, project plans, specs, and other documents to ensure a complete review and proper comparison.


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