Ballistics Expert Analyzes Fatal Shooting by Bail Bond Agent

Ballistics Expert

This case involves an individual who was killed during a bounty hunt. A woman had been released on bail but violated the terms of her release, and the judge revoked her bond. The bounty hunter was sent to retrieve the woman who was discovered to be staying with her husband at a friend’s home. When the bounty hunter arrived, there was a physical altercation. The husband grabbed a loaded gun and began to fight with the bounty hunter. The friend and owner of the home attempted to intervene, but the bounty opened fire and shot the friend. She died as a result of her injuries. The decedent’s body was later moved to another room in an attempt to conceal the murder. An expert in ballistics was sought to determine where the decedent was standing when she was shot.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience in ballistics.
  • 2. How would you determine the angle and location where the decedent was shot?

Expert Witness Response E-099462

I specialize in the examination of firearm-related evidence (firearms, projectiles, cartridge cases) as well as shooting incident reconstruction. My knowledge and skills are founded in almost two decades of forensic examinations. I have been employed as a firearm and tool mark examiner by a western state police department for 12 years. Prior to that, I was employed in the same manner at a regional crime laboratory in the south for several years. I hold a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a criminalistics emphasis and I often teach portions of shooting reconstruction to police officer and detectives. I have also lectured on the topic of shooting incident reconstruction, specifically the use of 3D laser scanning systems at an annual training seminar for firearm and tool mark examiners. The scene conditions and other aspects of the investigation will determine whether or not we can figure out exactly where/how the decedent was shot.


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