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The Expert Institute partners with AmLaw 100 leaders, boutique firms, and solo practitioners to deliver expert witness solutions across every area of practice.

Our Story

The legal industry has changed - and technology has provided the catalyst for this evolution. Lawyers are adopting new ways of thinking and redefining the most fundamental aspects of how they practice law.

The Expert Institute was founded in recognition of this paradigm shift, with the objective of developing a smarter way for attorneys to identify, verify, and retain the best expert witnesses.

Every litigator - from AmLaw 100 partners to solo practitioners - relied on outdated and inconsistent methods for finding expert witnesses. We were determined to disrupt this unreliable methodology.

We deconstructed the process of finding experts, and built a data driven platform that could adapt to the demands of any case. We combined that technology with a team of skilled legal researchers and developed a system that delivers a perfect match, every time.

Having partnered with over 3,000 firms, both globally and in all 50 states, we’ve gained unparalleled insights across all aspects of expert witness recruiting.

Our mission is simple - to help our clients be better advocates by providing them with access to the best expertise.


Our tech team is a collection of born innovators who see solutions as a way of life. Drawn from across the country and around the world, they work every day to improve our systems and deliver better solutions for our clients. They thrive on progress, and have created some of the most powerful technology in the legal industry.


Working with the world’s foremost experts demands the best recruiting and research talent. We’ve cultivated smart, talented researchers by nurturing a culture of discovery, encouraging questions that get the right answers, and demanding results. Clients at every level trust our researchers to guide them to the right expert.

Client Support

Our client support team provides comprehensive support on every engagement. They are active participants in every stage of the process, coordinating the efforts of multiple teams to make a perfect connection every time.

Our Team

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