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Welding, Materials Science and Engineering Expert Witness | Utah

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This expert is a full professor of Mechanical Engineering at a prominent university in the Western US. He received his PhD in Welding and Materials Engineering from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a research assistant at Edison Welding Institute and as a materials engineer at Westinghouse-Power Generation. His research interests are in the area of materials joining, materials characterization, and the relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties.

Bio Snapshot

Location: UT
BS, Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University
MS, Engineering, The Ohio State University
PhD, Engineering, The Ohio State University
Member, American Welding Society
Member, American Society of Metals and Materials
Published: 30+ peer-reviewed journal articles
Holds, 6 US Patents
Former, Materials Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Current, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, a Prominent Western University

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