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This supremely qualified plant physiologist earned his BS in Botany from DePauw University, his MS in Plant Ecology from the University of Colorado, and his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois. He is an active member of the Weed Science Society of America and lead a twenty plus year career at American Cyanamid, where he attained the position of Director of Herbicide Discovery. Additionally, he served as a Plant Physiologist for more than a decade with the USDA. Currently, he practices as a consultant for parties interested in botany, herbicide, and plant physiology.

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Location: CO
BS, Botany, DePauw University
MS, Plant Ecology, University of Colorado
PhD, Plant Physiology, University of Illinois
Member, Weed Science Society of America
Former, Assistant Professor of Botany, UC Riverside
Former, Weed Scientist, American Cyanamid
Former, Senior Plant Physiologist, American Cyanamid
Former, Principal Plant Physiologist, American Cyanamid
Former, Director - Herbicide Discovery, American Cyanamid
Former, Director - Agricultural Biotechnology, American Cyanamid
Former, Plant Physiologist, USDA
Current, Private Botany and Weed Management Consultant

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