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School Safety and Crisis Response Expert Witness | Ohio

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This qualified expert has over 26 years of experience in school safety and administration. She holds a B.E. in Secondary Education, a M.E. in Curriculum and Instruction, an M.E. in Educational Administration, and an Ed.D., in Educational Administration. Her previous positions include 24 years as a teacher and administrator. Since 2008, she consults and delivers school safety training to educators and law enforcement officials throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to her work as an Associate Professor of Educational Administration at an Ohio university, she is a nationally recognized expert in school safety, crisis management, and violence prevention through her presentations, trainings, and writing.

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Location: Ohio
B.E., Secondary Education, University of Toledo
M.E., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Toledo
Doctorate in Educational Administration, University of Toledo
Certified as a Superintendent, 7-12 Principal, FEMA and Department of Homeland Security Instructor
Founder and Director of a national non-profit education-based training organization
Published, various peer-reviewed publications on school safety and administration
Delivers workshop, conferences, and trainings throughout the United States and Canada
Former, Curriculum Director, Oregon City Schools
Former, Elementary Principal, Wynn Elementary School
Former, Middle School Principal, Northwood Middle School
Present, Associate Professor of Educational Administration, Ohio-based university

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