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Railroad Operations Expert Witness | Idaho

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This expert has had over 28 years of experience in all aspects of hazardous materials railroad and railroad customer operations. This experience includes in-depth knowledge of tank cars and managing railcar fleets for railroad and non-railroad owners/leasors; i.e., managing fleet movement, inspecting rail/tank cars, managing the maintenance of the rail/tank cars, and responding to derailments. This expert also has experience with hazmat tankcar loading/unloading procedures; producing and instructing hazmat regulatory required classes for railroad and non-railroad employees; and producing and instructing railroad operations regulatory required classes to various shortline railroads.

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Location: Northern Idaho Certified: Hazardous Materials General Awareness and Emergency Response Instructor for the State of Idaho's Bureau of Homeland Security and the State of Idaho's Fire Services Technology Group. Certified: Tank Car Specialist by the Security and Emergency Response Training Center in Pueblo, CO. Former: General Manager - St. Maries River Railroad Company Former: Train Dispatcher - St. Maries River Railroad Company Former: Railroad Conductor - St. Maries River Railroad Company Former: Safety/Operations/Hazmat Instructor - Various Railroad Companies Former: Railcar Fleet Manager (movement/inspections/maintenance) - Various corporations - fleets of: 350 hazmat tank cars; 720 hazmat tank cars; and 600 boxcars and centerbeam railcars. Former: Hazardous Materials and Safety Instructor - National Pulp, Paper, and Chemical Corporation Current: Owner - Consulting/Training Company

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