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Pharmacotherapy & Pharmacology Expert Witness | Washington

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Medication Information Specialist with over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience in the areas of mental health comorbities, chronic pain management, psychiatric pharmacotherapy, pharmacoepidemiology, substance abuse, therapeutic medication monitoring, pharmaceutical marketing, illicit drug usage, adverse drug reactions, medication interactions, dietary and herbal supplements.

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Location: WA
Professor of Pharmacotherapy, a major Northwestern University
Licensed, Pharmacist: WA, ID, CA, SC
PharmD, Pharmacy, University of Southern California
Fellow, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
Fellow, American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacist
Fellow, American Board of Forensic Examiners
Published, 80+ peer-reviewed research articles, 6+ book chapters, 65+ abstracts, 10+ invited presentations
Former, Associate Director of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology Research, Washington State University
Former, Clinical Pharmacist, Pullman Regional Hospital
Former, Hospital Pharmacist, Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital
Former, Director of Pharmacy Home Care Service, Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital

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