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Petrochemicals Expert Witness | Texas

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This highly qualified chemical engineer has more than 40 years of experience in the design and operation of petroleum refineries, oil terminals, and petrochemical plants. Much of his work originates at executing process simulators, including simulations in petroleum refining, ethylene, fine chemicals, reforming processes, dehydration, distillation, and gas processing. For the past 30+ years, this expert has been the President, Owner, and Engineering Manager for a large chemical process design firm that analyzes chemical processes, petrochemical plant safety, and a variety of facets in the industry.

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Location: Texas
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of the West Indies
Registered, Professional Engineer
Patent, Method of Refining Liquefied Petroleum Gases Into Aerosol Propellants
Former, Process Engineer, Suriname Aluminum Company
Former, Process Development Engineer, Sid Richardson Carbon and Gasoline Co.
Former, Senior Process Engineer, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp
Former, Engineering Manager, Mt. Airy Refining Corporation
Former, Senior Process Engineer, Good Hope Refineries
Current, President , Chemical Process Design Firm

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