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Parking Lot Safety and Facility Management Expert Witness | Illinois

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This highly qualified expert was formerly the facilities manager for 17 Target stores for 14 years. His responsibilities for total facility and property management included directing and supervising the Building Services Team, and he was responsible for overall store equipment and store safety. His expertise includes team leading, and safety & building code compliance. He is currently serving as the facilities manager for an industry-leading big-box retail store.

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Location: IL
Technical Degree, Building Construction, Stanislaw Witkiwich - Poland
Associates Degree, Business Administration, Maria Konopnicka
Licensure: Illinois Real Estate License
Former, Engineering Department Supervisor, Enesco, Supervisor of daily warehouse operations for a 405,000 sq. ft. facility and an executive office with 700 employees
Former, Facilities Manager, Target, Accountable for the operations of 32 stores
Former, Commercial Property Manager, Brixmor, Managed 10 shopping centers with commercial space of 3.4 million square feet
Current, Facilities Manager, Industry-leading Big Box Retail Store

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