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Parking Lot and Storefront Pedestrian Safety Expert Witness | Colorado

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This expert is a specialist in vehicle incursion accidents. He has led studies on how frequently they occur, their common causes, and the most frequent design or construction failures which lead to them. Has worked to create the largest national database for accidents on private property outside of the insurance industry.

For almost twenty years, he has worked closely with people in government, industry, academia, and the commercial property/retail market to understand the depth of the problem and to help provide solutions. Has assisted on local and county ordinances in three states as well as a statewide initiative in California.

Has been an expert witness (testifying or consulting) in more than 60 cases involving vehicle-into-building and vehicle-into-pedestrians nationally. Numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in more than twelve states. No court has upheld any challenge against him or limited his testimony.

Published author and also frequently appears in articles and on newscasts on the topics of preventing terrorist incidents, the need for increased pedestrian and public safety, and the prevention of criminal or accidental vehicle attacks or incursions where the public works, plays, or shops.

Expert is involved day-today with the design, test, and manufacture of bollards, barriers, and pedestrian safety systems which are currently protecting people and property on several continents.

Bio Snapshot

Location: CO
B.A., Law and Society, University of California
Co-Founder, Storefront Safety Council
Principal of the Storefront Safety Initiative
Member, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Member, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
Co-Chairman, ASTM F12-10 working group WK56283
Expert in perimeter security and prevention of vehicle incursions.
Teaches AIA-approved for credit CE course to architects
Chief Security Consultant, Calpipe Industries
Advisory Board Member to SPECS / Chain Store Age
Former, Vice President, Calpipe Industries
Consults with Parking lot design companies nationally

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