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Outdoor TV Production Expert Witness | Georgia

Expert Qualifications

This expert is an experienced Producer of films, commercials, television specials, 3D and CGI shoots who has worked on at least 100 outdoor programs. An experienced and accomplished Line Producer in commercials, he has been a part of national campaigns for Bridgestone Golf, The U.S. Army, Coca-Cola, the NBA, the PGA, Under Armour, Smith & Wesson, Cartoon Network, Sundance Channel and DirecTV.

Most recently, this expert moved further into film production and line produced a feature length movie, which was released in theaters and later, in stores and online. This expert also spent two months in the Northeast wilderness and oversaw the production of a documentary about one man's journey to break the speed record on the 2,180 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Currently, this expert is producing a local short film and commercials for a world-wide manufacturer. He also has several projects in-development, most notably a feature length film and a episodic web series.

Bio Snapshot

Location: GA
BA: Berry College
Former, Camera Operator, Turner Broadcasting
Former, Producer, Triple Horse Pictures
Former, Line Producer, Feature Film
Former, 2nd Unit Production Manager, Feature Film
Current, Producer, local short films and commercials

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