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Oral Surgery Office Renovations Expert Witness | Arizona

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This expert has 26+ years of experience in the dental supply industry. He began his career as a Purchaser for SmartHealth and held this role from 1991 until 1998. After three years as a Territory Manager for Dentsply, the expert joined Patternson Dental as an Equipment Specialist & Office Designer. In this position, he was responsible for assisting practice owners in finding the proper equipment and technology for their practice. He also provided 3-D renderings of potential office plans and acted as a liaison between the practice owner and contractors, architects, and interior designers. He was with Patterson from 2003 until mid-2016, when his position was eliminated as part of a massive restructuring. He now works at another dental equipment supply company.

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Location: AZ
B.S., Marketing & Business, Grand Canyon University
Former, Purchaser, SmartHealth
Former, Territory Manager, Dentsply
Former, Equipment Specialist & Office Designer, Patterson Dental
Current, Equipment Specialist & Office Designer, a Top 5 Dental Supply Company

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