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Nursing and Operating Room Expert Witness | Wisconsin

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This operating room nurse has remained in active practice for nearly 17 years, assuming surgical nursing positions at healthcare centers throughout the country. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, her current position entails promoting patient safety and advocacy in the operating room setting. These strong qualifications make her capable of performing this review.

Bio Snapshot

Location: Wisconsin
A.S., Nursing, Rock Valley College
B.S.N., St. Anthony College of Nursing
M.S.N, St. Anthony college of Nursing
Certification, Certified Nurse of OR (CNOR)
Certification, Clinical Nurse Specialist-Certified Peri-operative (CNS-CP)
Member, Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses
Former, Staff RN, Surgery, St. Mary's Hospital
Former, Staff RN, Surgery, Zale Lipshy University
Former, Staff RN, Surgery, Presbyterian Heart Hospital
Former Clinical Nurse Specialist, Peri-operative Services at major healthcare center

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