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This expert has been involved with Motocross for over 35 years and has organized hundreds of races. He began working in sales for Yamaha in Grenoble, France. After moving to the US, he started Desert Only Travel which was the first major motorcycle touring and special event production company. He created and produced numerous motocross races over the years, including Endurocross which was introduced to the X Games in 2011. He is currently a Consultant and Producer for numerous motocross racing events working with Red Bull, the X Games, Monster Energy, Fox Racing and many other motocross event sponsors.

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Location: FL
Former, Salesman, Yamaha Motorcycle
Former, Sales Manager, Suzuki of Grenoble, France
Former, Export Salesman, O'Neal
Former, Salesman, Suzuki/Kawasaki of San Luis Obispo
Former, Founder, Desert Only Yamaha
Former, Event Coordinator, Several motor vehicle companies
Former, Founder, US Open of Supercross
Former, VP of International Business, CCE
Former, Co-Founder, MiniMotoSX and Endurocross
Former, VP of Business Development, Primedia Inc.
Current, Consultant/Producer, several motocross organizations

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