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Mobile Operating Systems and eCommerce Expert Witness | California

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This highly-qualified expert has nearly 35 years of experience in internet technology, specializing in mobile operating systems and eCommerce. He earned his BS in computer science from the State University of New York at Buffalo and began his career as a group manager of the Network File System at Sun Microsystems. He then served as the principal engineer and mobility team manager of GO, a mobile computing startup, before accepting a position at Microsoft. While at Microsoft, he held a number of roles, including technical program manager for Internet Explorer 1.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, Windows CE 1.0, ASP.NET 1.0, and Visual Studio.NET. He also served as the vice president of product for Earth Class Mail before founding and serving as the CEO of Touchfire. Currently, this expert is the owner of an Internet technology consulting group in Washington and the director of product and technology for an eCommerce and AdTech startup in California.

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Location: CA
BS, Computer Science, State University of New York at Buffalo
Former, Group Manager, Network File System, Sun Microsystems
Former, Mobility Team Manager, GO
Former, Principal Engineer, GO
Former, Group Technical Program Manager, Windows CE 1.0, Microsoft
Former, Technical Program Manager, Internet Explorer 1.0, Microsoft
Former, Group Manager, & Personalization Server, Microsoft
Former, Technical Program Manager, Visual Interdev 6.0, Microsoft
Former, Lead Technical Program Manager, ASP.NET 1.0 & Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft
Former, Vice President, Product, Earth Class Mail
Former, Founder & CEO, Touchfire
Current, Owner, an Internet technology consulting group in WA
Current, Director, Product & Technology, an ecommerce and AdTech startup in CA

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