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mining and metal industries- pipeline engineering- oil hydrocracking Expert Witness | Washington

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This highly qualified engineering expert has extensive experience in his field. For the past 30 years, he has had specific experience in the mining and metal industry, pipeline engineering, and oil hydrocracking, to name a few. He received his BS in aeronautical engineering from the University of London and his MS in materials engineering from American University in Cairo, Egypt. This expert currently has 9 established patents. He has published over 20 journal articles and one book. Formerly, he has held roles as a senior mechanical engineer at Warman Pumps and Bateman Engineering. Additionally, this expert has served as a consultant for Sulzer Pumps North America, and as a former principal engineer and technical director at Fluor. Currently, this expert is a self-employed engineering consultant serving top clients across various industries.

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Location: WA
BS, Aeronautical Engineering, University of London
MS, Materials Engineering, American University
9 Patents
Former, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Warman Pumps
Former, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Bateman Engineering
Former, Consultant, Sulzer Pumps North America
Former, Technical Director and Principal Engineer, Fluor
Current, Engineering Consultant, self-employed

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