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Material Handling Equipment and Warehousing Expert Witness | Missouri

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This expert has been working with Material Handling Equipment for nearly 40 years. He began his career at Brodie, Inc., which offers a complete line of material handling, industrial and warehousing equipment. He then worked for Clarklift of St. Louis, conducting safety training and service training classes for the use of machinery such as forklifts and pallet jacks. Prior to retirement this expert was the Manager of Facilities, Distribution and Manufacturing at Schnucks Markets, Inc. He supervised and managed between 13-25 employees and manages a fleet of over 250 pieces of material handling equipment and all inventory and related equipment. Currently he is working for a new start up operation at a 1 million square foot warehouse operation. He has undergone multiple continuing education classes, such as the Train the Trainer Program for material handling equipment and High Lift certification class, and he is actively involved in training others on how to properly utilize material handling equipment.

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Location: Missouri
B.A., Bethany Bible College
Former, Service Dispatch and Sales Representative, Brodie, Inc.
Former, Customer Service and Sales Representative, Clarklift of St. Louis
Former Manager Facilities, Distribution and Manufacturing, Schnucks Markets, Inc. Retired
Current, Sr Operations / Facilities Start UpCcompany

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