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Legal Malpractice And Consumer Affairs Expert Witness | Maryland

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This highly qualified attorney has 35+ years of experience. He earned his BA from the University of Maryland and JD from The John Marshall Law School of Chicago, Illinois. After graduation he served as an Attorney-Advisor to Esther Peterson, President Carter's Special Assistant for Consumer Affairs where he initiated the interagency litigation project, establishing a consumer presence in Administrative cases across the government. Thereafter, he served as General Counsel to the District of Columbia Office of Consumer Protection where he was instrumental in closing down illegal auto repair shops, forcing thousands of dollars in refunds from Holiday Spa, and establishing the D.C. Lemon Law. After leaving prestigious government positions, he served as one of the first Commissioners of the District of Columbia Lemon Board.
This expert's private law practice evolved into a more locally based private legal practice with a focus on medical malpractice, personal, injury, and professional negligence. He has represented a number of consumers in legal malpractice actions against their former lawyers when it appears that the lawyers' violation of the standard of care led to adverse results. This expert has appeared before several state and federal courts. He has also been identified in federal and state courts as an expert in legal procedure.

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Location, MD
BA, University of Maryland
JD, The John Marshall Law School
Bar membership, NY, DC, MD
Former, Research Director, National Consumer Information Center
Former, Attorney/Advisor, White House Office of Consumer Affairs
Former, General Counsel, DC Office of Consumer Protection
Former, Counsel, Law office of Fred B Goldberg
Former, Partner, Spirer and Goldberg
Present, Solo practioner in private practice handling medical malpractice and other personal injury matters.

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