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Law Enforcement Procedures Expert Witness | New York

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This expert is recognized by CNN, FOX News, PIX 11 News, BBC, the United Nations Associated Press and a multitude of other media outlets as an expert in police tactics and procedures. He served 20 years in the NYPD, where he trained recruits in the Police Academy and investigated police corruption and misconduct as a Lieutenant in the Internal Affairs Bureau. He holds a doctoral degree from Fordham University and currently teaches Criminal Justice at two New York City colleges.

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Location: NY
BS, St Joseph's College
MPA, Marist College
PhD, Fordham University
Former, Commissioned Office, US Army Reserves
Former, Detective, NYPD
Former, Sergeant, NYPD
Former, Lieutenant, NYPD
Former, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Current, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, a Bronx College
Current, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, a Downtown Manhattan University

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