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Labor and Employment Law Expert Witness | Maryland

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This highly qualified attorney has extensive experience in the field of employment law. He was formerly in practice as a labor and employment attorney, where he frequently handled cases discussing discriminatory violations under Title VII. He regularly represented employers charged with Title VII violations before the human relations commissions, and on occasion represented the charging parties in similar cases. When he stopped practicing labor and employment law, this expert pursued a career in arbitration and mediation, where he has since mediated over 100 cases for the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, many of which involve Title VII violations.

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Location: Maryland
B.A., University of Maryland
L.L.B., University of Maryland School of Law
Certified, arbitrator, American Arbitration Association
Certified, mediator, Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education Lawyers
Member, American Bar Association
Member, Maryland State Bar Association
Member, Baltimore City Bar Association
Member, Maryland Council of School Board Attorneys
Member, National Public Employer Labor Relations Association
Member, Maryland State Labor Relations Board
Former, Trial Attorney, National Labor Relations Board
Former, Assistant City Solicitor, City of Baltimore
Former, Labor Commissioner of Baltimore City
Former, Private Practice in labor and Employment and Education Litigation
Former, Private Practice in ADR Mediation and Arbitration
Current, Adjunct Professor of Law, the a major university law school

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