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Health Care – Nurse Anesthesia Expert Witness | Virginia

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This expert has been a practicing CRNA for 10+ years in both NY and VA working in large medical centers. She received her medical training at among the nation's top healthcare programs, and holds both a clinical doctorate and PhD. She is published and has lectured nationally and internationally. Additionally, she is adjunct faculty and a clinical preceptor for a nationally ranked Nurse Anesthesia program.

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Location: Virginia
B.S.N., University of Virginia
M.S.N., Duke University
D.N.A.P., Virginia Commonwealth University
Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
Former, Registered Nurse, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Former, Nurse Anesthetist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Current, Adjunct Faculty, Nurse Anesthesia at major medical university
Current, Nurse Anesthetist at major medical university

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