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This qualified expert received his PhD in Architecture and Environment-Behavior Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, MS in Architecture from Texas A&M University, BArch in Architecture from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and member of the Environmental Design Research Association. He has conducted extensive research in the areas of seniors' housing, nursing home design, design for people with dementia and neighborhood for active aging. He has 60+ peer reviewed articles, books, edited volumes, and book reviews. Currently, he serves as a Chair and Professor of Gerontology at a prestegious University in Canada.

Bio Snapshot

Location: BC
BA, Architecture, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
MS, Architecture, Texas A&M University-College Station
PhD, Architecture/ Environment-Behavior Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Aging Studies
Member, Committee on Tertiary Older Adult Mental Health Services, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Member, Gerontological Society of America
Member, Environmental Design Research Association
Former, Project Architect, Diagram Architectural Firm, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Former, Research Associate, Center for Housing & Urban Development, Texas A&M University
Former, Fellow of the Institute on Aging & Environment, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Former, Design Research Consultant on Seniors' Housing, Residential Care, & Dementia Care Facilities
Former, Visiting Scientist, Interdisciplinary Ageing Research Centre, Goethe University, Germany
Current, Associate Professor in the Department of Gerontology, a Top University in Canada
Current, Chair of the Department of Gerontology, a Top University in Canada

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