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Food Science & Packaging Expert Witness | South Carolina

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This expert has over 40 years of food science and packaging industry experience and held the Cryovac Chair at Clemson University as the first endowed professorship in packaging science in the U.S. He is a Fellow of Institute of Packaging Professionals and Institute of Food Technologists. He has presented at six World Food Congresses two World Packaging Congresses, the 1st Save Food Congress and was a delegate at the World Food Summit: five years later. He has been working to reduce food loss and waste worldwide since 1992. He also served on a subcommittee of the National Academy of Sciences-Institute of Medicine, to develop a high energy, nutrient-dense emergency relief ration.

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Location: SC
BA, Chemistry, Adelphi University
PhD/MPh/MS, Food science with Packaging Option, Rutgers University
Certified, Packaging Professional (CPP)
Fellow, Institute of Packaging Professionals
Certified Food Scientist (CFS)
Fellow, Institute of Food Technologies
Former, Research Manager, Aarlab Inc.
Former, Packaging Research Scientist, Thomas J. Lipton Inc.
Former, Senior Scientist, Pillsbury Company
Former, Senior Scientist, Ball Corporation
Former, Manager of Human Foods Packaging, Quaker Oats Company
First Endowed Professor in Packaging Science in USA
Current, Founder / Executive Director, a packaging organization
Current, Food Science and Packaging Consultancy

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