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Fingerprint Analysis Expert Witness | Ohio

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This qualified expert has extensive experience in fingerprint analysis. He actively participates in forensic training to stay up to date on the latest practices in his field. He is a certified special subjects instructor, having taught courses on identification, fingerprinting, crime scene search, sketching, and drawing, police photography, and crime scene search. For 20 years, he worked with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office as an identification technician, photo lab technician, and identification bureau supervisor. He then transitioned to working as a contract fingerprint expert for the Ohio Supreme Court, verifying the identity of attorney applicants for the State Bar certification. At the same time, he also served as a latent print examiner for the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory. Currently, this expert serves as the owner of a forensic consulting group in Ohio.

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Location: OH
Certified, Special Subjects Instructor, Corrections Training Program
Certified, Special Subjects Instructor, Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program
Former, Identification Technician, Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Former, Photo Lab Technician, Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Former, Identification Bureau Supervisor, Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Former, Contract Fingerprint Expert, Ohio Supreme Court
Former, Latent Print Examiner, Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory
Current, Owner, a forensic consulting group in OH

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