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Drug Delivery Technology Expert Witness | California

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This highly qualified expert has over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. He earned a BS in biology from University of South Carolina and a BS in pharmacy from the Medical University of South Carolina. He also holds a PhD in pharmaceutical science from the Medical University of South Carolina. This expert formerly was an associate research fellow at Pfizer US and an assistant professor at South University School of Pharmacy. Currently, he serves as a senior associate at a pharmaceutical consulting firm and as the president of a drug delivery research and development consulting firm.

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Location: CA
BS, Biology, University of South Carolina
BS, Pharmacy, Medical University of South Carolina
PhD, Pharmaceutical Science, Medical University of South Carolina
Patents: 2
Former, Senior Principle Scientist, Pfizer US
Former, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer US
Former, Assistant Professor, South University School of Pharmacy
Current, Senior Associate, a pharmaceutical consulting firm
Current, President, a drug delivery research & development consulting firm

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