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Cruise Ship Captaining and Operation Expert Witness | Connecticut

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This highly experienced expert has spent over 45 years in maritime-focused education, work, and consulting. He studied at Metropolitan University in London, where obtained a Master of Foreign Going degree. The expert also completed many other nautical courses and served in roles ranging from Sub-Lieutenant to Commander with the Royal Naval Reserve. He was a Chief Officer with P&O Cruises and then a Captain with Princess Cruises on worldwide itineraries. From 1995 until 2001, the expert served as Princess Cruises' Vice President of Marine Operations, responsible for the safe and efficient operation of 10 cruise ships including what was then the largest passenger ship in the world. Since 2001, he has been actively consulting in the industry.

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Location: CT Master, Foreign Going, Metropolitan University Lead Auditor, ISO & ISM Training, Ferriby Marine Licensed, British Masters Certificate, Foreign Going with Unlimited Tonnage Licensed, General Operators Certificate, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Licensed, Connecticut Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation Trained ISO & ISM Lead Auditor Fellow & Founding Member, Nautical Institute Former, Commander, Royal Naval Reserve Former, Captain, Princess Cruises, Former, Vice President of Marine Operations, Princess Cruises Current, Marine Consultant & Auditor, Personal Consulting Business

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